Survival Gardening Part 1 peak oil, food storage, TSHTF

In a new series of video we discuss and will show methods of gardening “when it counts.” The first 3 short videos detail some of the pitfalls and perils to the common survival/preparedness thinking of “when my storage food runs out I’ll just grow a garden.” Intermixed throughout the first three videos are also invaluable tips on gardening and food production for the homestead, survival retreat or backyard in suburbia. The first step in planning to truly grow your own food is to recognize the factors working AGAINST you, so you can plan accordingly. If your interested in being able to feed yourself from your own labor either now or after an economic collapse, peak oil, etc. then you should view these video.

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Survival Gardening Basics Part 1

Duration : 0:8:56

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Lasagna garden

I’m documenting my first attempt at creating a no-till garden using the “Lasagna” gardening method.
I’ve been a long time fan of square foot gardening in raised beds, and am looking forward to incorporating succession planting into this type of garden as well. Many people use newspapers as a first layer instead of cardboard, but for me, it was easier to gather and use cardboard. I was careful to remove staples and any
plastic packing tape on the boxes. Stay tuned for updates on how the garden does as the summer progresses.

Duration : 0:5:54

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