Keith’s Garden – Huerta

Growing food is really amazing. The power of a seed! When I started I was following the Biodynamic/French intensive method which really made me understand that Natural Farming is the best way. Nature grow plants not humans and I like this no-till, seemingly chaotic gardening. Masanobu Fukuoka is my hero. Please look him up. Gardening is a life path, go back to the non-changing center, nature. Contact me if you’re interested in what I’m doing, especially if you’re interested in the methods of Fukuoka, Ruth Stout, Robert Hart (forest gardening), or Permaculture. I would like to focus more on trees, but that’ll have to wait until I have my own land. Contactame si le interesa lo que estoy haciendo, agricultura natural como Fukuoka.

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Basic Gardening Tips : How to Create Good Growing Soil

Learn how to create good growing soil when growing a garden in this free gardening video..

Expert: Tia Pinney
Bio: Tia Pinney is a Teacher Naturalist and Adult Program Coordinator at Mass Audubons Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary in Lincoln, Massachusetts.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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No Till Gardening – Soil Building For Top Down Gardening

No till gardening is the way to go! Organic Garden mulching prevents weeds, preserves moisture and soil microorganisms! No organic gardener should go without a good thick bed of garden mulch!

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Anyone know a good way (besides weeding) to get rid of weeds from landscape beds that have rocks?

There is a weed barrier and rocks on top. The weeds either grow from underneath the weed barrier or over it. They can’t be dug up because of the weed barrier and they can’t be pulled. I’ve tried and I’ve hired help, who has also failed. Any ideas to kill this stuff off? I’ve tried spray, these weeds laugh in the face of these sprays!

if there is dirt over the weed barrier then you may be able to use a weed burner, they are just a nozzle you hook up to a propane bottle turn it on and light it up it throws quite a flame so you must be careful not to burn plants you want to keep. Sprays will kill weeds and your flowers too.

What kind of mulch is good to use around roses?

I want to keep the weeds down around the roses in my rental house.Is it ok to use weedcloth and a mulch on top,and if so,what kind of mulch?

weedcloth is okay, the newspaper idea is good, too…. use the cheapest mulch , either bought or made with leaves and such… just in case you need to change it out for fresh over the season… a bad time of black spot or other fungus would want you to remove the affected leaves and anything they fell on, so as to remove the spores of the fungus, too….

I use shredded pine bark on mine…over newspaper… then if I have to remove it, I can use it in a pathway area where it won’t infect any other plants….