How do I get old mulch to break down faster?

Last year I had 5 yards of black dyed mulch put down. The mulch was not good and had a lot of mold and fungus throughout the year. I’ve managed to dig up the mulch that was still down and put it in a large pile near my shed. Is there any faster way to break down this old mulch that just keep watering it?

Try covering it with black plastic so that the sun heats up the pile. Between the moisture and the heat it should break down faster.

How can I overcome my fear of gardening?

I tried to get into the hobby of gardening recently. I loved it until one day in my garden after removing weeds I saw the soil move by itself! I’m very superstitious and I fear that my house has being built on an ancient burial ground. I’m very scarred to go out into the garden now and I’m afraid something terrible will happen such as zombies. It makes it hard to sleep at night. I’m being very serious, how can I overcome this?

Sounds like you disturbed an earthworm or some other (very normal/natural) critter in the soil. Best advice is to just get back out there & get to know your local plants & animals. Get back in the saddle, so to speak.