While weeding I accidently pulled up a huge clematis root. I pushed it back into the dirt, will it survive?

My clematis vines are ‘Nelly Moser’ and I planted them last spring. They are just starting to come back and are small, so I didn’t realize how extensive the roots were. I was weeding well over a foot away from the vine and when I pulled up the huge brown root I knew it had to be the clematis because nothing else is planted near it.

you did the right thing i think it will survive the shock just put alittle extra care into it this summer.make sure you give it some fertilizer and it will sure to come back.

How close can I put mulch to a house which was recently treated for termites?

I want to put about 18 inches of lava rock and then fill the rest of the planting bed with mulch. Is 18 inches enough of a buffer? Can I do away with the rocks and use all mulch? Or should I forget the mulch and use all rocks?

As long as you had a proper treatment from a professional, your idea is great. Make sure you read your termite contract, that your not voiding your warranty. Also I hope they used Termidor.

Do you like gardening? What are your favorite things to plant? What was the first plant you ever grew?

Planting gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, like I’m helping one of God’s creatures along the path of life. Do you have a green thumb? I love gardening, don’t you? Can you give me some plant tips?
Oooooh, crocuses are pretty, I like tulips, too! heard they were easy to grow, True?

My first memories are of grandmother working next door in her garden. She would literally cultivate rows of flowers…..from seeds, bulbs, anything that she could cut. I got to help her as all grandchildren did. When I ws nine, she told me I was old enough to cut the flowers for church……I was thrilled….then when I ws 11, I started getting to cut and arrange. My favorite things about gardening is to propagate plants…….anything I can get my hands on from seeds, soft cuttings, hardwood cuttings, etc.