How do you keep fingernails clean when gardening?

Does anyone have any “Martha” tips on how to keep nails from looking like an auto mechanics when you are an avid gardener? Martha Stewart suggested to put rubber gloves under gardening gloves, but they make your hands sweat badly! Or, how best to clean “gardener’s hands?” Thanks!

Wear gloves. Or, if you don’t like wearing them, dig your fingernails into soap so it wedges under. If you’re also working with water, you’ll have to dig into the soap again. To get the dirt out of your skin, use a knuckle brush & lava soap. Then moisturize your hands afterwards with a bit of olive oil

To clean gloves: Put the gloves on, take a bar of soap outside and wet the gloves under a faucet or hose. Soap up the gloves and scrub them, then rinse, remove and let dry.

I also found this site for more information on how to clean gardening hands!

How organic is this black mulch you can usually find at nurseries and would it be good to work into clay?

I am wondering if I tilled this black mulch that you usually find at nurseries into clay dirt, if it would make it like a nice topsoil quality type of dirt or not.

and how organic is the stuff used to make black mulch usually?
what is usually in it ?

and would this make the clay dirt drain a lot better by tilling it with this mulch?

thanks for your answers!

You really have to read the label to see if its organic or not. Organic matter acts sort of like a sponge. It will help retain water. But that IS the best thing to add to your clay soil. If the mulch is something that will ‘break down’ fast in your clay soil that will be good. You want organic matter because the worms will come and leave their little bits of fertilizer for you. They will also aerate the soil. If the mulch is wood chips, its only good on top, not mixed into the soil. Too much carbon (wood chips) suck up any nitrogen that is there for the plants.