What should I get for my gardening grandfather for Christmas?

I’ve bought for everyone but my grandfather. He’s 82 and loves gardening and water gardening. Usually, I get him a bird feeder (he loves bird watching) or something that has to do with hummingbirds. This year I’m at a loss. I’m a first year teacher on my own and on a very limited budget. Any ideas?

Get a flower pot and fill it with accessories for gardening and wrap it like you would if it was a gift basket.

*things to fill the flower pot with; soil, gardening tools, flower/plant seeds)

ALSO you can find some really cool toys and tools at Garden Decorative Items.com

How do I turn my garden into a "no-till" garden?

Will this work, or is there something more I need to know… I have an empty garden (but a bit of last year’s debris is still in it) and it hasn’t been tilled. I want to put newspaper down, wet it, and put straw on top. Then dig holes to plant transplants.

Also, what if I want to be direct sowing early growers like peas, onion, lettuce, etc… do I do that before I put the newspaper / straw down – and wait for them to emerge or just dig a bunch of little holes for them to grow through?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Your method will work well for transplanting. For the peas, etc., plant them first, and mulch when they’re a couple of inches tall. It’s asking too much of newly emerged plants to grow through holes in the mulch, and some of them won’t germinate, anyway.