How much would you charge a person for weeding their garden? Simple weeding, not big landscaping.?

Looking to add a little more income by doing something outside that’s simple and to me, relaxing. That’s weeding gardens / areas for folks who either don’t have the time, energy or ability to weed, but want to have ‘neat’ gardens. No clue how much to charge…Thoughts?

Highway has a good answer …if you want high end customers.. it hurts the whole industry when people who don’t have to support a whole company go in and do work for very cheap… but you could do it for the elderly/disabled for around $10-$15 per hour.. or get a job with a landscape/lawn company; most of them need someone to do weekly rounds of weed pulling on their accounts… I know I need someone like that.. so, if you are anywhere near GB, WI get in touch with me.

Anyone know a good way (besides weeding) to get rid of weeds from landscape beds that have rocks?

There is a weed barrier and rocks on top. The weeds either grow from underneath the weed barrier or over it. They can’t be dug up because of the weed barrier and they can’t be pulled. I’ve tried and I’ve hired help, who has also failed. Any ideas to kill this stuff off? I’ve tried spray, these weeds laugh in the face of these sprays!

if there is dirt over the weed barrier then you may be able to use a weed burner, they are just a nozzle you hook up to a propane bottle turn it on and light it up it throws quite a flame so you must be careful not to burn plants you want to keep. Sprays will kill weeds and your flowers too.

What is meant by "weeding over" a garden?

I recently overheard someone say that they were "weeding over" their garden right now. We’re in Cleveland, Ohio in mid-spring, here. What is "weeding over a garden"?

Not sure if it’s the same thing, but every fall I plant annual rye after my garden is done. The grasses grow, and I turn them over into my garden to increase the nitrogen in my spring garden.

Letting your garden go back to nature is called "laying fallow". It’s when you let your garden grow whatever comes up, instead of "weeding over", which is a fertilizing strategy.

While weeding I accidently pulled up a huge clematis root. I pushed it back into the dirt, will it survive?

My clematis vines are ‘Nelly Moser’ and I planted them last spring. They are just starting to come back and are small, so I didn’t realize how extensive the roots were. I was weeding well over a foot away from the vine and when I pulled up the huge brown root I knew it had to be the clematis because nothing else is planted near it.

you did the right thing i think it will survive the shock just put alittle extra care into it this summer.make sure you give it some fertilizer and it will sure to come back.