Ruth Stout’s Garden; Part 1 of 3

Part 1 of 3. Famous gardener Ruth Stout shows her coveted secrets, and interesting stories of her life. Having never followed society’s conformity, her gardening techniques are likewise very unique. Quite possibly the simplest way to garden, with no digging, composting, tilling or fertilizing. A video both entertaining and informative.

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03 Planting Cauliflower, Cabbage & Potatoes in No-till Beds

March – Planting Cauliflower, Cabbage and Potatoes in No-till Beds. Includes cleaning bed, making holes, fertilizing, adding micorizzal fungi to potatoes, mulching and watering. The tone of this video seems to have the kind of tone that i like to have inside while gardening. Peaceful and open. One of many videos that will follow the gardening season chronologically in Kansas City. We hope that people can follow along and work in their own gardens.

Duration : 0:8:5

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Building Mom’s garden (2nd upload!)

I agreed to build my Mom a garden this year for Mothers Day.

So I utilized both sheet mulching methods and again, incorporated ideas from the “lasagna gardening” concept.

The cool thing about this sort of garden is that while initial input is great, it will be self sustaining and will require only very little maintenance in the years to come.

Not to mention, it is going to be prime for this sort of climate with water issues!

So, if you haven’t already noticed, I’m quite obsessed with mulching.I have my reasons,
1. is water
2. is that I’m trying to create a habitat that is conducive towards beneficial microbes and insects which are in fact going to be doing the work of maintaining high quality soil for my plants.

There is a misconception that fertilizers are what cause your plants to grow. In fact, there is a symbiotic relationship present between the insects and microbes and fungus and plants, they are all interconnected and share with one another the benefits of each others toil. So you want to encourage their growth and proliferation!

Mulch gives them a refuge from the harsh rays of the sun, and allows them to work during the day. Biofilm’s are matrix like structures built from the living processes of bacteria. These have the ability to transform a soil’s PH and increase it’s water retaining capabilities. It is all so very fascinating!
Mulch is also food for microorganisms and insects and fungi. The Earth worms often visit the surface of the soil in an attempt to forage for organic matter which is in part a large portion of their diet.
In doing so, they constantly aerate and till the soil for you! But they aren’t going to be doing that sort of work unless they have incentive, (i.e. Food and Shelter) so, you provide them with both and walla! Micro-tillers do the sort of work your rototiller will never get done.

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GardenCast – No Till Gardening – How Plants Get Their Minerals Join us as we spread organic fertilizer on our no till garden. Also learn how to make a more alkaline garden by helping your plants get more minerals from the soil by improving rhizodeposition.

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Raised beds

Starting a Garden the less then ideal way…
Soil to rocky to dig or grow root crops? Too late to bust up soil and expect grass to rot up? Building a garden quick and working with what is available.

I’m not sure these signs are not going to leach also, normal plastic would be better maybe but I have seen these type of signs ripped down and thrown in ditches by goons, possibly hired, of opposing parties and they don’t seem to break down at all=) So they should be safe enough to use..

I would just avoid plastic and treated wood altogether and let the wood rot, work towards a no till garden if it was my yard and I had the options available..

..I’m also going to put plants which absorb and clean polluted soil around them, like Mullein( there’s a small mullien in an other video) just so that it will help some what to not pollute this area of the garden. I’m going to start learning more about cleansing plants like that and make a vid about it if I learn enough, so that people can start the process of cleaning city sites for future generations. I’m interested to what degree we can do that. So If anyone knows much about this let me know.

Duration : 0:5:46

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Keith’s Garden – Huerta

Growing food is really amazing. The power of a seed! When I started I was following the Biodynamic/French intensive method which really made me understand that Natural Farming is the best way. Nature grow plants not humans and I like this no-till, seemingly chaotic gardening. Masanobu Fukuoka is my hero. Please look him up. Gardening is a life path, go back to the non-changing center, nature. Contact me if you’re interested in what I’m doing, especially if you’re interested in the methods of Fukuoka, Ruth Stout, Robert Hart (forest gardening), or Permaculture. I would like to focus more on trees, but that’ll have to wait until I have my own land. Contactame si le interesa lo que estoy haciendo, agricultura natural como Fukuoka.

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No Till Gardening – Soil Building For Top Down Gardening

No till gardening is the way to go! Organic Garden mulching prevents weeds, preserves moisture and soil microorganisms! No organic gardener should go without a good thick bed of garden mulch!

Duration : 0:2:55

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No Till Gardening

Director of the Home and Garden Information Center (UMD), Jon Traunfeld, demonstrates how easy it is to start a no-till garden.

Shot and edited by: Alix Watson and Emily Heimsoth

For more information or resources check out the Home and Garden Information Center site:

Or the Grow It Eat It site:

Duration : 0:2:48

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Lasagna garden

I’m documenting my first attempt at creating a no-till garden using the “Lasagna” gardening method.
I’ve been a long time fan of square foot gardening in raised beds, and am looking forward to incorporating succession planting into this type of garden as well. Many people use newspapers as a first layer instead of cardboard, but for me, it was easier to gather and use cardboard. I was careful to remove staples and any
plastic packing tape on the boxes. Stay tuned for updates on how the garden does as the summer progresses.

Duration : 0:5:54

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