Gardening according to the phases of the moon, has anyone any experience?

I saw something about it on tv the other day and have read a little about it before.

Does anyone have any experience, does it make a difference or is it coincidence?

From my own experience, I find most things are reluctant to grow after June, when the days start getting shorter. I’ve never tried gardening by moon phases, I tend to go by the phases of the sun rather than the moon, but thought of trying it out this year just for fun.

I tried it a few years back – but you really do have to be quite methodical about it!
My main problem with it was that it wanted me to sow/grow/harvest etc. at times I wasn’t ready to!
The idea is that you should expect bigger & better, pest free crops if whatever you grow.
My mum also did it a few years back, she is retired and was able to fit her schedule around the suggested times etc. more easily than I could and she reckoned she did see a difference – not sure if that was just wishful thinking though!

Gardening vegetarians and vegans: what sort of fertilizer do you use?

I’m new to gardening and I’m using liquid seaweed for my tomatoes.

People at the gardening centers have been telling me I won’t get awesome tomatoes without using blood meal/bone meal.

Have you used seaweed? What do you use?
I would really love to be composting, but I live in a one-room apartment that’s smaller than my childhood bedroom. I’m trying to garden on my huge, south-facing windowsill. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m Vegan. I grow cabbages, peas, carrots, corn, tomatoes and butternut squash and I use NO fertillizer what so ever.

Whats the difference between gardening tools and gardening equipment??

Please help me with this, i also need a list of gardening equipment..or where i can find them..

I would call a hoe, a shovel, a rake a gardening tool. A tiller, a mulcher, garden hose would ge gardening equipment. All of these can be found at any hardware store, most nurseries or WalMart, Sears, etc

How do you keep fingernails clean when gardening?

Does anyone have any “Martha” tips on how to keep nails from looking like an auto mechanics when you are an avid gardener? Martha Stewart suggested to put rubber gloves under gardening gloves, but they make your hands sweat badly! Or, how best to clean “gardener’s hands?” Thanks!

Wear gloves. Or, if you don’t like wearing them, dig your fingernails into soap so it wedges under. If you’re also working with water, you’ll have to dig into the soap again. To get the dirt out of your skin, use a knuckle brush & lava soap. Then moisturize your hands afterwards with a bit of olive oil

To clean gloves: Put the gloves on, take a bar of soap outside and wet the gloves under a faucet or hose. Soap up the gloves and scrub them, then rinse, remove and let dry.

I also found this site for more information on how to clean gardening hands!

What should I get for my gardening grandfather for Christmas?

I’ve bought for everyone but my grandfather. He’s 82 and loves gardening and water gardening. Usually, I get him a bird feeder (he loves bird watching) or something that has to do with hummingbirds. This year I’m at a loss. I’m a first year teacher on my own and on a very limited budget. Any ideas?

Get a flower pot and fill it with accessories for gardening and wrap it like you would if it was a gift basket.

*things to fill the flower pot with; soil, gardening tools, flower/plant seeds)

ALSO you can find some really cool toys and tools at Garden Decorative

Is there any difference between flower arrangement and gardening?

Is there any difference between flower arrangement and gardening?There are various types of gardening these days-gardening, terrace gardening & indoor gardening? Does indoor gardening differ from flower arrangement?

Yes, there is a difference.

Gardening has to do with growing living plants (flowering or not) – and the venue doesn’t much matter. traditional (outside in the ground), in containers, terrace, indoor…it can all be called “gardening”.

Flower arrangement has to do with assembling cut flowers into pleasing displays. They are not growing – they’ve been cut.

What is your favorite gardening site for flowers?

I don’t know much about gardening. I’ve lived in apartments all my life, and I still do… but my landlord is letting me play with a patch of land outside my kitchen window. I live near Salt Lake City, UT. The weather looks like it might be spring.

so… what is the URL of a gardening site that has helped you? Any sites good for beginners?

check out these sites… whichever does the job for u!!! hope they can help!!! good luck… :o)

When it comes to gardening, what is there no better laborsaving device than?

I’m trying to find the gardening device that takes a lot of the work out of gardening and so far, I’ve had no success.

We are avid home gardeners and the thing that saves us the most labor is …. the application of pre-emergents at appropriate times. Pre-emergents keep seeds from sprouting and in essence that means NO WEEDS. (It would not be an approved practice of organic gardeners but does it save a lot of labor? YES!)

what fruits can I grow here, and anyone has some gardening tips?

I live in Montana, and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of fruits and veggies would I be able to grow in my area?

Also, if anyone had any gardening tips that would be great! I am planing on growing strawberries and rasberries (any tips on those), but if anyone knew of some others that could grow here that would be great.

This is our first time growing a garden, any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.

Hey Katerbear B,

Apples, Peaches, Plums should all grow in your area – be sure to get trees suited to your zone. 3a-4b depending on what part of Montana you live in.

For Vegetables, the principle of germination time plus growing to harvest time must be more than your number of non-freeze days.

Or, you can start the vegies inside. You should be able to grow summer squash, carrots, tomato, beets, herbs, and a bunch of other stuff.

Read a lot, you are in a short season area. Happy Gardening.