One Million Daisies

My sister gave this poster to me a long time ago and I fell in love with it. I am posting it here so that you may enjoy it also I am not even certain where she found this, but I was very touched by fact it gave me chills!!
I hope you love it as much as I do…’s called:


By Marilyn Kendall
Illustrations by Heather Graham

million daisies have invaded my mother’s garden. They grow rampant among the phlox and delphinium, the lilies and the roses. She doesn’t want their scraggly disorder in her picture-perfect beds, but she cannot stand to kill anything, especially a flower. In her stronger—or  weaker—moments she attempts to eradicate them, but they always find their way  back into her garden. Into her heart.

On this early morning of my summer visit, while my mother sleeps, I am deadheading these daisies—a million times a million of them, it seems—and thinking of her. At 86, she is still sturdy, and stalwart—and stubborn, at times. She wants the flowers but not their mess, so I must tread carefully in her beloved garden.
I hate this job. Capture a dead bloom, separate it from its confederates, and follow its stem down several inches (so the stub won’t show), taking care not to cut too many leaves and deplete the plant. Then snip, toss the stem into the refuse bin, find another, and start again. I mustn’t falter in my attention and sacrifice a live bloom.
Snip, snip, snip. I must have cut ten thousand at least. I look the length of the garden at the multitudes remaining. After half an hour, the beauty of the early morning no longer compensates for my aching back. I stand. She doesn’t need all these, I think. Why not just pull half out by their roots? Or cut the old heads by the fistful, rather than singly? No one would notice from a few feet away.
But I know I won’t, and I wonder why. My mother doesn’t expect this fussiness. Somehow, without reason, I expect it for her, knowing how she loves every petal and leaf. Just as she loved her children, I suddenly reflect: perfectly, proudly, with attention to every detail, every emotion, every need. In spite of our flaws. I am struck by the thought: If my mother didn’t love daisies, would she have loved me so well?
Back on my knees, I recall the lunches packed, the clothes sewed, the hair curled, the ruffles ironed. I think of the eons of advice, of comfort, of concern. I snip and I count. Snip and count. The morning passes.

A million daisies may not be enough.

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How can I overcome my fear of gardening?

I tried to get into the hobby of gardening recently. I loved it until one day in my garden after removing weeds I saw the soil move by itself! I’m very superstitious and I fear that my house has being built on an ancient burial ground. I’m very scarred to go out into the garden now and I’m afraid something terrible will happen such as zombies. It makes it hard to sleep at night. I’m being very serious, how can I overcome this?

Sounds like you disturbed an earthworm or some other (very normal/natural) critter in the soil. Best advice is to just get back out there & get to know your local plants & animals. Get back in the saddle, so to speak.

what kind of gardening crafts do you recommend?

I’m wanting to do some gardening crafts this spring and the only thing i can think of to do is some stepping stones (i know how to do these). I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but i’m wanting cute,easy and cheap ideas to help spruce up my yard.
thanks for your input!

little homemade signs made out of scrap lumber are really cool that say things like Please dont eat the daisey’s or Welcome friends or You can find me in the garden or peck peck here peck peck there my feathered friends are everywhere or rise and shine it’s flower time oh there are so many I make a few homade clay pots to they are cheep and they last for a few years you would be surprised what you can do with a few bottles of craft paint and a old tooth brush or even a sponge you just have to play and have FUN-OH and I like bird houses too!

How can I make money off of my superior gardening ability?

I don’t have enough land to own a farm or any large scale cultivation project. My original idea was to grow bonsai trees, but a 4 year old tree goes for $20. I don’t see how anyone in the world can make any sustainable income off of that.

I can grow anything from cacti to flowers to a full blown tree (don’t have enough space for a tree).

Any ideas on how I can turn my gardening ability into a business?

You didn’t say how much space you do have but you might consider herbs. Many of them don’t take a lot of space and fresh ones are very popular.

Survival Gardening Part 1 peak oil, food storage, TSHTF

In a new series of video we discuss and will show methods of gardening “when it counts.” The first 3 short videos detail some of the pitfalls and perils to the common survival/preparedness thinking of “when my storage food runs out I’ll just grow a garden.” Intermixed throughout the first three videos are also invaluable tips on gardening and food production for the homestead, survival retreat or backyard in suburbia. The first step in planning to truly grow your own food is to recognize the factors working AGAINST you, so you can plan accordingly. If your interested in being able to feed yourself from your own labor either now or after an economic collapse, peak oil, etc. then you should view these video.

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Survival Gardening Basics Part 1

Duration : 0:8:56

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Do you have any gardening tips?

I am new to the whole gardening thing and i just planted 4 yellow tomato plants. Do you have any gardening tips?

This is what you want to do… find a mentor. A neighbor, a friend, a relative, someone who lives near you and is a green thumb. Not only will they give you great advice geared towards your climate zone, they will probably also give you all kinds of clippings and plantings to use in your own garden!

How can I protect myself and daughter while gardening in the yard?

Besides insect repellent lotions or sprays. Is there anything further I should use to minimize insect bites? Mosquitoes are ramped in my area. And now that the weather is getting warmer, I’d like to some pruning and gardening. Is there anything additional I should do to protect myself and dear daughter?

Even if it’s a little warm, you would be more protected by wearing long-sleeve shirts and jeans instead of shorts. Also, to protect yourselves from the sun, wear gardening hats to shade your face and head. If you’re gardening, it’s always a good idea to wear gardening gloves. You might also want to not garden during the hottest part of the day, when mosquitoes are more lkely to bite.

Mel Bartholomew – Introducing Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is a great way to convert that boring suburbia grass lawn into a sustainable produce isle. Don’t have a lawn? That’s cool- SFG can be done practically anywhere. Mel was kind enough to send me this DVD which gives a quick intro into SFG. This method is great for the absolute beginner who might be a little overwhelmed by starting that first organic garden.

For more information, including including Mel’s popular book & instructional DVDs, check out:

Duration : 0:3:20

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