GardenCast – No Till Gardening – How Plants Get Their Minerals Join us as we spread organic fertilizer on our no till garden. Also learn how to make a more alkaline garden by helping your plants get more minerals from the soil by improving rhizodeposition.

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If I have enough mulch around my plants, but the mulch is silver what can I do to add come color to the area?

Should I buy a few bags of new mulch and spread around? I have about 1.5 yards that has silver-ish color mulch and I want to add color so it looks better. I have about 3 inches of mulch still left over from last year that turned silver.

Yes, just put new mulch over the old mulch.

Do you have any gardening tips?

I am new to the whole gardening thing and i just planted 4 yellow tomato plants. Do you have any gardening tips?

This is what you want to do… find a mentor. A neighbor, a friend, a relative, someone who lives near you and is a green thumb. Not only will they give you great advice geared towards your climate zone, they will probably also give you all kinds of clippings and plantings to use in your own garden!

Fresh mulch from chipping up tree just cut – is it safe to use immediately in flower bed?

Having one dead tree and one dying tree cut next week. They will run limbs through chipper as they clean up. Also putting new shrubbery in and need a lot of mulch. Thinking about using the stuff from chipper but seem to remember hearing that is not a good idea. Maybe gets to hot. Anyone have experience or know whether or not this would be ok around new shrubs?

here’s the deal…. fresh chips will start to decompose…. to do so, they’ll need nitrogen…. they’ll pull it from wherever they can get it…. if it’s from the soil surface, the air, whatever…. if placed around new plantings, the plants will have to ‘share’ the nitrogen with the mulch… and may not have enuff…. so… IF you use the mulch, you must add a bit of nitrogen fertilizer too….. or the plants will suffer….

you do not want to let the fresh chips mix in with the soil at all…same problem… takes the nitrogen for it’self…

best is to let the chips sit in a pile for a year and do their little decomp thing FIRST, and THEN use as mulch…. then you don’t need to worry…. but if you’re in a hurry you CAN use them, just be aware of the nitrogen thing and take care of adding a little more now and then to help both plants and mulch…..

How can I protect myself and daughter while gardening in the yard?

Besides insect repellent lotions or sprays. Is there anything further I should use to minimize insect bites? Mosquitoes are ramped in my area. And now that the weather is getting warmer, I’d like to some pruning and gardening. Is there anything additional I should do to protect myself and dear daughter?

Even if it’s a little warm, you would be more protected by wearing long-sleeve shirts and jeans instead of shorts. Also, to protect yourselves from the sun, wear gardening hats to shade your face and head. If you’re gardening, it’s always a good idea to wear gardening gloves. You might also want to not garden during the hottest part of the day, when mosquitoes are more lkely to bite.

Raised beds

Starting a Garden the less then ideal way…
Soil to rocky to dig or grow root crops? Too late to bust up soil and expect grass to rot up? Building a garden quick and working with what is available.

I’m not sure these signs are not going to leach also, normal plastic would be better maybe but I have seen these type of signs ripped down and thrown in ditches by goons, possibly hired, of opposing parties and they don’t seem to break down at all=) So they should be safe enough to use..

I would just avoid plastic and treated wood altogether and let the wood rot, work towards a no till garden if it was my yard and I had the options available..

..I’m also going to put plants which absorb and clean polluted soil around them, like Mullein( there’s a small mullien in an other video) just so that it will help some what to not pollute this area of the garden. I’m going to start learning more about cleansing plants like that and make a vid about it if I learn enough, so that people can start the process of cleaning city sites for future generations. I’m interested to what degree we can do that. So If anyone knows much about this let me know.

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Mel Bartholomew – Introducing Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening (SFG) is a great way to convert that boring suburbia grass lawn into a sustainable produce isle. Don’t have a lawn? That’s cool- SFG can be done practically anywhere. Mel was kind enough to send me this DVD which gives a quick intro into SFG. This method is great for the absolute beginner who might be a little overwhelmed by starting that first organic garden.

For more information, including including Mel’s popular book & instructional DVDs, check out:

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