When it comes to gardening, what is there no better laborsaving device than?

I’m trying to find the gardening device that takes a lot of the work out of gardening and so far, I’ve had no success.

We are avid home gardeners and the thing that saves us the most labor is …. the application of pre-emergents at appropriate times. Pre-emergents keep seeds from sprouting and in essence that means NO WEEDS. (It would not be an approved practice of organic gardeners but does it save a lot of labor? YES!)

How do I find gardening instructions?

I recently learned how to turn on a computer and I need advise of where the best gardening tips are for my yard gardening.

I am trying to grow tomatoes, squash, peppers, melons, onions, etc.

These sites might help –

You could also try google, and either search starting a vegetable garden or how to grow…(an individual plant like tomatoes or peppers, etc.)

what fruits can I grow here, and anyone has some gardening tips?

I live in Montana, and I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of fruits and veggies would I be able to grow in my area?

Also, if anyone had any gardening tips that would be great! I am planing on growing strawberries and rasberries (any tips on those), but if anyone knew of some others that could grow here that would be great.

This is our first time growing a garden, any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.

Hey Katerbear B,

Apples, Peaches, Plums should all grow in your area – be sure to get trees suited to your zone. 3a-4b depending on what part of Montana you live in.

For Vegetables, the principle of germination time plus growing to harvest time must be more than your number of non-freeze days.

Or, you can start the vegies inside. You should be able to grow summer squash, carrots, tomato, beets, herbs, and a bunch of other stuff.

Read a lot, you are in a short season area. Happy Gardening.

What is the appropriate time to start gardening?

I want my vegetables to be in full bloom in late spring or early summer. So, when should I start my gardening to make that possible? Thanks!

It really depends on where you live. You need to figure out planting times for your frost zone. There are plenty of books or magazines that explain this, and I’m sure you can find advice online. For early plants, start your seeds indoors or buy mature plants once planting is safe in your area.

What are the best plants for gardening in Arizona?

I want to start gardening but I am not so sure what is best for the climate here in Arizona.

Agave, cactus, ephedra, nolina=bear grass, many types of yucca, our Lord’s candle, chamise, manzanita, desert holly, red barberry, ceanothos, Texas ranger, hollyleaf cherry, catalina cherry, lemonade berry, California buckwheat, needlegrass, sage, coffeebery, columbine, dudleya, fescue, iris, snowberry, desert marigold, chocolate daisy, pink fairyduster, and many, many more!
Try the Arizona Native Plant Society, P. O. Box 41206, Sun Station, Tucson, AZ 85704

Do you have a book recommendation about Container Gardening for Vegetables?

I’m a novice gardener and I’m interested in starting a vegetable garden next year, but would need to do it in containers. Do you have any book recommendations for container gardening? I’m also looking for suggestions on how to get started and what would be easy to grow in containers. Thanks!

Lowe’s sells a great book on container gardening published by Sunset and that is how I got started. Although now I live on about an acre, I started gardening in containers on an enclosed condo patio. I still have over 200 plants growing in containers in my yard, including herbs, citrus and veggies. Tomatoes, peppers and herbs are great to grow in containers. I grow 5 different varieties of tomatoes, 3 pepper varieties and a host of herbs like thyme, sage, chives, basil, 2 kinds of oregano, tarragon, dill, mint, chamomile…and some others I don’t remember right now. I found growing vine plants like cucumber, pumpkin and squash is a little tricky in containers, but they do show you how in the Sunset book. For free advice on gardening in containers in your zone, you can contact a master gardener or the county agricultural extension.

How do I create a flower garden around a tree? I am a beginner in gardening and planting?

I have an old tree in front of my home. I like to add a flower bed around the tree, but I am new to planting and gardening. Also, my lawn needs a lot of care. Last year my husband tilled part of our lawn and we replanted new grass, but our lawn looks very unhealty with a lot of try, burned like spots. What can I do to have a healthy lawn, and how do I go about creating my flower bed around the tree. I like to put a border around the tree like a small wall maybe. I want the flower bed be higher than the actual lawn. We have mostly clay dirt. Can you give me some advice and/or help. Thanks.

Two words: Container Gardening.

What are some of the best gardening forums for fruits, vegetables and tropical plants?

I’m looking for a gardening forum that has many people and provides quick answers. I mainly garden fruits, vegetables and tropical plants.

Garden Web…. they’ve got forums for everything and the advice from their ‘regular’ folks is pretty darned good!…


clik on ‘gardenweb forums’ to get started….

Is gardening with tires bad for the environment?

I have read many articles that suggest using old tires for container gardening. My father is considering making a vegetable garden out of tires. Does the tire pollute the soil and there fore the vegetables?  it is bad to burn tires.. Should I be concerned about the quality of the vegetables? Have you seen any scientific evidence about this topic? Or environmental tests?

If you already have the tires – I say use ’em. Don’t burn them, however. I can’t imagine there is any concern about the quality of the veggies since what that really depends on is the soil you put them in and how you fertilize etc. They make rubber mulch these days – probably from old tires…

One critter warning – if you are not going to turn the tires inside out to eliminate the ridges, or if you are going to “store” tires, I would give you a caveat about mosquitoes who LOVE to breed in the little bit of water that usually sits in those ridges. Make sure the tires are packed tight with soil.

If you don’t have tires already, I don’t see an advantage to this method over any other raised bed method.

There are lots of unanswered questions that would help determine what the best garden situation is for you :

Do you want raised beds because you have trouble up and down? If that is the case, build a box (make the bottom out of screening and landscape fabric so water will flow through) and set it on top of some table legs or horses.

Or is it because you only have a little bit of space? Container gardening is easily done with vegetables. See the book Movable Harvest for really great ideas. You can use pretty much anything you can put a drainage hole in (provided it didn’t have chemicals in it first!).

Personally, I think anytime you are recycling something for a good use it is worthwhile – but for the love of God – PLEASE don’t buy new tires to try this project out!

Just in case you DO have a bunch of tires laying around, I attached a link to a site that has many ideas for using them up in the garden.

Good luck to you and your dad!