About Dee

Hello, my name is Dee Ivy Phillips, and I am the inspiration for Deesgarden.net. I live Dee Phillipssmack in the middle of the U.S. – sometimes known as the “Heartland of America”, where summers are hot, winters are cold, and spring and fall are beayooootiful!

Gardening Is My Passion

Gardening is my favorite thing..it’s definitely a passion for me! My husband and children claim they can always find me “playing” in my garden. With a middle name like “Ivy” it seems a bit of destiny in the making, don’t you think? 😉

I started gardening at a very young age. My mother believed in growing as much of our food as we possibly could. We grew up on a small farm and I used to love spending hours in the garden with my family as a youngster and I never outgrew the love passed on from such a simple pleasure. We grew everything from vegetables, fruits, berries, rhubarb and more!  Some of my favorite memories come from our home garden. Mom always made it enjoyable where most times she would let us eat as much or more than we picked!

My mother had the most beautiful flowers too! She taught me how to appreciate all gardens, including our vegetable garden as well as our wonderful herb garden to container gardening as well as how to manage the constantly changing perennial beds in spite of the weather. I remember weeding in the warm spring rains, such a beautiful time to weed. Yes, gardening is a passion of mine. It’s a great hobby and for me it’s more…so much more because it also works my body and heals my spirit.

Starting Your Very Own Garden

You may want to start your very own garden. There are so many choices for a gardener. But whatever your pleasure or reasons to start your own garden, I hope to be able to help make it easier for you. You can choose from an organic garden, an herb garden, flower garden, or even a small container garden. Whatever your choice, I am here to help!

Maybe you aren’t a gardener yourself, but you wish to buy a gardening gift for the gardener in your life, I can help with that also. Sometimes it can be difficult and intimidating to pick the perfect gift for a gardener. Well no worries….I really am here to help you!

Finding Unique and Wonderful Gardening Gifts for Someone You Love

Here at DeesGarden.net we are always trying new garden tools and “playing” with unique garden items and we are always in search of the perfect garden gifts. Even if you don’t have a “green thumb” we are here to share ours! I am always on the lookout for unique gift items and ideas that deserve our approval. I’ll bring you lots of advice and many options for wonderful gardening gifts that will fit your gardener as well as your budget!

I’ll make it even easier for you to choose the perfect gift for the gardener in your life, by doing the research and testing for you, sharing recommendations by category and by price point.

My whole purpose and goal is to help you find that special present to give your beloved gardener: the special person in your life who shares my passion for gardening. OR If you are looking for help starting your own garden. I am hoping to provide you with tips and tools of the trade. I will share my favorites, my ideas and tips as well as my experiences for making your gardener or your very own garden happy!

Come and “play” with me! J
Happy Gardening!

Dee Phillips
St. Louis, MO

Email me at: Dee@deesgarden.net OR  support@deesgarden.net

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