Bee Keeping | Making Your Own “LOCAL” Honey | How Hard is it to Keep Bees Anyway?

My sister mentioned she would love to be a BEE KEEPER. Well who wouldn’t, I said…. Well actually ME, for one! I am deathly allergic to bees so I have no need to keep them or call them or attract them. But the more I contemplated this, the more I realized some of you may want to become Bee Keepers and it sent me on a path to research what would be involved in keeping bees and creating your own honey. It does sound like a really cool hobby and I do love Honey after all, and I especially believe that LOCAL HONEY is the best way to go. Did you know that there is research proving local honey can help cure allergies?

Well it makes sense to me. I mean after all, most allergies are caused by “local pollen”. And what is honey made from? POLLEN. So the theory here is that if you ingest “LOCAL HONEY” you are getting a daily dose of “LOCAL POLLEN”, thereby creating an immunity to it. Makes sense, doesn’t it?
SO it also got me thinking that maybe I should rethink this whole thing. I mean how cool would it be to make my own honey? Right?

beepriestessSo DO YOU want to be a bee keeper? and just How hard is it to keep bees? AND CAN you make your own Honey?

After doing some research I realized it can become very expensive, and it can require a large amount of space. THEN I came across this E-Book from P.J. Chandler.  There is a really nice introduction called

So You Want To Keep Bees?

Get it FREE here.  This is a short essay outlining a natural, low-tech, low-cost approach to ‘back yard beekeeping’ From the Author of The Barefoot Beekeeper.  And to purchase the actual E-Book “Barefoot Beekeeper”  Click Here!

I promise you that you won’t be disappointed!
The Barefoot Beekeeper is a revolutionary book about ‘sustainable’, chemical-free beekeeping, showing how it can be simplified and made accessible to all, including people with disabilities, as with this method there is no heavy lifting involved.

Some recent comments about The Barefoot Beekeeper:

“The Barefoot Beekeeper is the best book out there as far as I’m concerned for those interested in pursuing sustainable beekeeping.” Marty Hardison, USA

“I had been a traditional type beekeeper since the mide 1980’s and had been looking around for another way to keep bees as I felt that the ways we were keeping them was neither good for the bees nor the beekeeper. After reading The Barefoot Beekeeper I knew immediately I had found what I had been thinking about and searching for for years. It inspired me to immediately build several Top Bar hives and change my manner of keeping bees. … read as much as you can about bees and beekeeping but do buy this one and follow it’s suggested path.” N, Spain.

Also here is a link to ‘How To Build a Top Bar Hive’.
Very tempting, even for me. I have to admit tho, I am really hoping to talk my sister into it. That way I can observe from a distance. 😉

We need bees, I know that…we wouldn’t have any flowers if we didn’t have bees. But having them…lots of them in my direct vicinity. I guess I will pass for now. As much as I wish to grow my own, it would be a huge fear for me (being allergic and all). So do any of you keep bees? Tell me about it….I would love to hear your stories!

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