How much would you charge a person for weeding their garden? Simple weeding, not big landscaping.?

Looking to add a little more income by doing something outside that’s simple and to me, relaxing. That’s weeding gardens / areas for folks who either don’t have the time, energy or ability to weed, but want to have ‘neat’ gardens. No clue how much to charge…Thoughts?

Highway has a good answer …if you want high end customers.. it hurts the whole industry when people who don’t have to support a whole company go in and do work for very cheap… but you could do it for the elderly/disabled for around $10-$15 per hour.. or get a job with a landscape/lawn company; most of them need someone to do weekly rounds of weed pulling on their accounts… I know I need someone like that.. so, if you are anywhere near GB, WI get in touch with me.

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