Fresh mulch from chipping up tree just cut – is it safe to use immediately in flower bed?

Having one dead tree and one dying tree cut next week. They will run limbs through chipper as they clean up. Also putting new shrubbery in and need a lot of mulch. Thinking about using the stuff from chipper but seem to remember hearing that is not a good idea. Maybe gets to hot. Anyone have experience or know whether or not this would be ok around new shrubs?

here’s the deal…. fresh chips will start to decompose…. to do so, they’ll need nitrogen…. they’ll pull it from wherever they can get it…. if it’s from the soil surface, the air, whatever…. if placed around new plantings, the plants will have to ‘share’ the nitrogen with the mulch… and may not have enuff…. so… IF you use the mulch, you must add a bit of nitrogen fertilizer too….. or the plants will suffer….

you do not want to let the fresh chips mix in with the soil at all…same problem… takes the nitrogen for it’self…

best is to let the chips sit in a pile for a year and do their little decomp thing FIRST, and THEN use as mulch…. then you don’t need to worry…. but if you’re in a hurry you CAN use them, just be aware of the nitrogen thing and take care of adding a little more now and then to help both plants and mulch…..

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