Garden Girl TV: Vertical Gardening One(How to Grow Vertically)

Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, shows you techniques to get more out of limited landspace, by growing up.

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Vertical Gardening Part 1

As urban gardeners, we have a limited amount of space to grow our vegetables and flowers. What I have done is I have employed verticle gardening.

Right here as you can see, I have a variety of different cucumber plants. Now, a cucumber is vining crop, which means that with vertical support like this one, you can train it to grow up and the fruit,

Take a look right here, can grow perfectly fine on the vine.

Different types of crops that work well in a vertical garden are watermelon and pumpkin. Let us go take a look.

Here, as you can see, my pumpkin plants are thriving. Pumpkin plants are also vining crops. Now, in the country, where you have a lot of space, you can just let this grow along the ground, but here in a city environment, we do not have all that space.

So, what I have done here is, I put together a dog kennel. This is actually really nifty. It is exactly 4 x 4 so it fits perfectly in your raise beds. And, these vines just slough on themselves eventually. You do not have to continuously train them.

Okay, so you can go vining crops on vertical supports, but there are other types of plants that also need support like my heirloom tomatoes here, this are Tiffin Mennonite tomatoes, and it grows to be a huge plant.

So what I have done is I have installed this vertical support where the plant has basically grown through the vertical support. I do not even have to train it through; it is growing through on its own.

I have my garden pea. These garden peas have pretty much attached on this vertical support on their own, and as you can see, I have a bunch of pea pods growing through. Let me show you how to build one of this, it is really super easy.


Great, this is nice and sturdy. And, all I have to do is unscrew it from the raise bed and move it anywhere I need it.

I am Patti the Garden Girl, thanks for watching.

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4 thoughts on “Garden Girl TV: Vertical Gardening One(How to Grow Vertically)”

  1. What is missing is …
    What is missing is actually educating people on hanging plants upside down on fences, beams & other strong support systems. I have tomato plants in a sealed canvas bag hanging through the bottom, needs lots of water!! seems to grow faster than hydroponics perhaps because the plant doesn’t struggle growing against gravity. The Stock is almost 3 times thicker than the scrawny ground plants as well.

  2. I grew watermelons …
    I grew watermelons last year on a standard wooden trellis. They were a variety called sugar baby which are about the size of a cantaloupe and are incredibly sweet. They are the expensive ones that you can find in the grocery stores.

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